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Saturday, May 23, 2020

This is how to support stylists and barbers before hair salons open in Toronto

People in Toronto are so eager to have their hairstylist take care of the shaggy locks and overgrown roots they've acquired during lockdown that they're already booking appointments weeks in advance, having no idea when salons and barber shops will actually resume operations.

But, these businesses remain temporarily shuttered during stage one of the province's reopening, and thus are still dealing with the financial hardships that all non-essential establishments have had to face due to months of forced closure.

Though you may not to be able to go visit your favourite salon right now, there are other ways to help them stay afloat until they can welcome you back in-person — and that will allow you to actually get a haircut in the process, too.

Aside from pre-paying for a future appointment or buying colour maintenance kits and other products from your stylist, you can also simply donate cash — and a new Toronto initiative has a particularly unique and fun way for patrons to do this, while also getting rid of their quarantine 'do (if they're brave enough).

Hair Dare is asking Torontonians to do just that: take what they call "the hair dare," which in this case entails donating the money for a haircut to your usual stylist, and then taking on the challenge of cutting your hair yourself at home — and, of course, filming a fun video of the process to share on social media using the hashtag #HairDare.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the hair styling and barber businesses. They need our help," the Hair Dare website states, also noting that "right now, everyone's in desperate need of a haircut of some sort."

"So let’s all take the #HairDare challenge. Show friends and family the result. And show our barbers and stylists some love."

The site shares a slew of photos and videos of participants getting their hair cut by friends, family members and themselves in the comfort of their own home (or yard), and also provides handy links to local businesses that anyone taking the hair dare can donate to.

People are also encouraged to add more businesses to the list.

Salons and barber shops on the list include Garrison's and Crows Nest barbershops, Queen West's The Cabinet Salon, and Manzer Hair Studio.

Though the challenge may lead to some interesting home-done cuts, hopefully the support garnered from it will be enough to counteract the bit of extra work barbers and hair stylists might have to put in to fix their clients' hair when lockdown is finally fully lifted.

by Becky Robertson via blogTO

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