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Friday, May 29, 2020

This is when nail salons will open in Ontario

Just when will nail salons open in Ontario depends on a few factors. Like barbers, salons are not considered essential, and even though massage therapy clinics can reopen now, the same doesn’t hold true for these personal care services.

Nail salons are tentatively slated for Phase 2 of reopening, Emily Hogeveen, senior communications advisor for the Ministry of Finance, told blogTO.

“For workplaces to open safely, they need to have appropriate measures in place,” said Hogeveen. “The government will provide clear guidance, as well as adequate time and information, so people and businesses are prepared to get back to work.”

Stage 2 will only begin "if the initial loosening of public health measures is successful." This includes opening more workplaces, outdoor spaces and allowing some larger public gatherings.

“If the gradual reopening in Stage 1 is successful, Ontario can move forward to Stages 2 and 3,” Hogeveen said.

Toronto nail salons are waiting and preparing.

Leeanne Colley, who owns Tips Nail Bar with locations on the Danforth and in Little Portugal, said her clients are eager get back to the salon.

“They want to get back in but we are not going to do that until it is safe to do so,” Colley told blogTO.

To prepare for that day, Colley is working on a number of changes in her salons.

“Basically it is like opening a brand new business.”

She is removing fabric furniture in the salon because it can’t be disinfected.

She is taking out manicure stations for physical distancing – down from 10 stations to four. Pedicures will be reduced from six to two stations.

Hours will be extended accommodate the clients.

She will require staff to wear face shields and masks. Customers will be asked to wear masks.

Colley has kept all her 22 employees working. The staff has been keeping in touch with clients and doing video training. Colley also created gel removal kits and manicure kits to sell online.

“The government will continue to plan for what comes next and provide more details on each stage when ready,” Hogeveen said.

For now people will just have to be content with home mani’s and pedi’s.

by Karen Longwell via blogTO

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