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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Best Pour Over Coffee in Toronto

The best pour over coffee in Toronto can be sought out at some of our finest third-wave coffee shops. These places tend to offer a variety of brewing methods, but slow and steady pour over wins the hearts of java snobs by being made with patience and care.

Here’s the best pour over coffee in Toronto.

9 - Goldstruck

Yorkville is home to this cafe where pour over is made using fair trade and bird friendly beans that are never kept in the cafe longer than 72 hours after roasting, so every cup is fresh as can be.
5 - Neo Coffee Bar

The coffee bar at this sweeping King East cafe features a different single origin roast from a different international provider every month, so pour over from here is never boring.
8 - Propeller Coffee

Located on industrial Wade Avenue, this open-concept roaster brews a fruity, acidic, and totally original cup of pour over using their own beans.
3 - The Library Specialty Coffee

Pour-over coffee ($3.25) is the focus at this cafe near the AGO where the slow bar serves custom blends of beans from Hale Coffee Roasters. The scent as flavours are released and the the sight of a steady pour in circular motions is as mesmerizing as it is delicious.
4 - Quantum Coffee

This minimalist King West cafe brews pour over using their own house roasts, and also sells brewing equipment so you can recreate the perfect cup yourself.
6 - Arvo Coffee

Fuel up for fun in the Distillery District at this adorable coffee shop. Australian-style pour over is served in artisanal mugs, brewed using beans from respected roasters Phil & Sebastian, Anchored and Transcend.
7 - Pilot Coffee Roasters

This local roaster's name has become synonymous with great coffee, and though they're famous for their canned cold brew, you can't go wrong with a pour over made using the same beans they roast to perfection themselves.
10 - Biscotteria Forno Cultura

This quirky outpost of the Forno Cultura empire found in the basement of Union Station deals primarily in biscotti and pour over, but the four-minute wait time for a coffee just means ample time to shop for scrumptious Italian cookies.
11 - Outpost Coffee Roasters

This roaster and cafe sandwiched between Roncesvalles and High Park makes sure the right kind of water (and heated to the proper temperature) is used for your pour over here.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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