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Friday, June 28, 2019

The Best Dumplings in Toronto

The best dumplings in Toronto are the perfect pockets of hot, steaming joy. Whether you’re looking for crispy pan-fried, soup-filled xiaolongbaos, or some hulking stuffed buns, these dumpling houses deliver with a marriage of wrappers and fillings folded just right. 

Here are the best dumplings in Toronto.

11 - The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co.

Little Italy is not known for its dumpling houses, so this restaurant specializing exclusively in wontons is a refreshing addition. Getting these Shanghai-style dumplings in soup is the most traditional way, but simply dousing them in housemade peanut sauce might be the new wave.
6 - Dumpling House Restaurant

This bustling little restaurant in Chinatown has one of the best pan-fried dumplings in the city, mostly because of their epic lace crusts. They’ve gotten more expensive over time but that delicate layer of crispy goodness is hard to beat.
7 - Steambox Dumplings

At last with its own brick and mortar, this longtime pop-up brand brings a contemporary twist to the age-old art of dumplings, with vegan and gluten-free options. They’ve got rotating flavours using local ingredients: make sure to try their kimchi bacon version.
4 - Mother's Dumplings

This Chinatown staple has come a long way since its basement days, but still offers comforting baskets of handmade dumplings. It’s a cozy spot that really is deserving of its name: the steamed and pan-fried dumplings really do taste like mama made them.
3 - Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum

The OG of soup dumpling restaurants in the GTA boasts locations in Markham and Scarborough. Go here for light yet flavourful crab xiaolongbaos, and make sure to pair them with some Shanghai-style siu mai.
9 - Sang-Ji Fried Bao

Head into this hot and steamy boite on Byng Avenue for some of the most satisfying pan-fried shengjian bao ever. These thick, hearty buns take a while to make (up to 15 minutes, when it’s busy) but these crispy, onion-topped beauties are worth the wait.
8 - Dumpling House (Gerrard East)

Located in Chinatown East, this place has no ties to the one on Spadina—in fact, its menu is much different, serving stuff like braised beef noodle soups and rolled onion pancakes. Naturally, they have baskets of soup-filled, fried, and steamed dumplings too.
5 - Juicy Dumpling

Quick, cheap, and delicious: this take-out spot in Dragon City Mall makes dumplings exactly how we like them. Just make sure to wear your ugly shirt, or maybe a bib, because these things are explosive.
10 - Shanghai Dim Sum

Delicate soup dumplings are the forte at this restaurant, with locations on Hwy 7 and Sheppard Ave. East. Their super thin and silky skins can hold a surprising amount of flavourful hot soup. Handle with care.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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