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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Best Pad Thai in Toronto

The best pad thai in Toronto is the benchmark dish of great Thai cuisine: restaurants that make these staple stir-fried noodles well are probably pretty good at making everything else on their menu. That being said, you’d be remiss not to try their versions of this savoury and citrusy South East Asian classic. Ketchup not included.

Here is the best pad thai in Toronto.

4 - Khao San Road

There’s two types of pad thai here at this ever-popular spot on Charlotte Street. There’s the Three Flavours Pad Thai, and then there’s the tamarind, pickled radish, and fish sauce-flavoured Bangkok-Style Pad Thai. Both run for $16.95 a plate.
9 - Isaan Der

Expect more tang than sweetness in the pad thai from this Junction date spot. These stir fried rice noodles are $16 and come with tamarind and oyster sauce, beansprouts, and chives.
3 - Pai

Step down into this bustling basement spot in the Entertainment District for a pad thai party. Chef Nuit Regular delivers with her popular Chef Nuit Pad Thai ($16.50), made with tamarind sauce made in-house and roasted peanuts.
5 - Sukhothai on Dundas West

Four different locations across the city, including in Regent Park, the Canary District, and near Union Station. Their $16.50 dish comes with bean sprouts, egg, shallots, and a sprinkling of peanuts.
11 - Mengrai Thai

You know the restaurant is legit if the likes of Justin Bieber and John Travolta have popped in for a meal. This King East staple does a seafood flavoured Sasi’s Pad Thai with tiger shrimp and chicken ($16), as well as a sweeter, less traditional version pad thai with tomato and sweet soy sauce.
7 - Eat BKK Annex Food Hall

This casual chain specializing in Bangkok-style street eats multiple locations around the city, including in Leslieville and inside the Annex Food Hall. Get your pad thai with chicken ($15.95) or shrimp ($17.95), or in a lunch special with a spring roll and soup.
8 - Jatujak on Victoria Park

Vermicelli noodles at this Scarborough go-to come tossed in tangy tamarind sauce and served with scrambled eggs. Head to the original Kingston Road location or Victoria Park for their street-style Jatujak pad thai ($13.95).
10 - Imm Thai Kitchen

This contemporary Little Italy spot was created by the same owner as Sala Modern, so everything from the recipe down to the presentation is down to impress. The egg crepe pad thai is almost too pretty to eat, but the tom yum infused pad thai with lobster ($23.95) might steal the show.
6 - Sala Modern Thai

Beautifully presented Thai dishes are the specialty of this Danforth East favourite. The delicious signature pad thai, which comes expertly wrapped in a delicate egg crepe, Thip Samai-style, might be the most intricate on the menu.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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