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Friday, September 18, 2020

GoodLife Fitness trainers say gyms are not following COVID-19 safety protocols

A number of GoodLife Fitness locations in the GTA and elsewhere in the country confirmed cases of COVID-19 in recent weeks, and trainers who work at the chain are now saying that the company has not been following its own health and safety guidelines.

The union that represents the group filed an official policy grievance on Thursday, citing the fact that facilities are actually planning on loosening restrictions, not tightening them up, despite the infections and the fact that case numbers in general are surging.

"With the success that we have experienced throughout our reopening, we are now in a good position to introduce our new Club Access Models," GoodLife said in an email to staff this week.

"At this time, we feel that we can continue to adapt and change in order to provide a positive and expanded experience."

The new models will allow members at some gyms to work out for longer, won't require them to pre-book slots during certain times or at all, and will cut back or completely do away with regular club "resets" — some very major expansions to the Safe Club protocols implemented due to the health crisis.

Gyms could also see their shower amenities reopened, their opening hours expanded, and more group fitness programming, which are huge concerns when measures to keep staff and patrons safe apparently aren't being strictly followed at all clubs.

As of October 6, all GoodLife locations will be operating within one of the new Club Access Models, though some will not see any difference to how things are run for now.

Health officials have been cautioning residents that a second wave is imminent and perhaps already beginning, and imploring them to carefully heed masking and social distancing directives when in social or institutional settings like gyms.

by Becky Robertson via blogTO

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