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Sunday, March 24, 2019

5 easy hikes to get you excited for spring in Toronto

Easy spring hikes in Toronto must be chosen carefully. Trails are typically at their muddiest early in the season, so the ideal spring hike is done on a path that drains well or has a hard surface. Throw in a good view, and you have a great way to spend an afternoon.

Here are 5 easy hikes that'll help you welcome spring in Toronto.

Sun Valley - 1.3 kilometres

This path loops around the lower section of Crothers Woods, but is far less challenging than some of the other ravine-based trails in the area.

Here you'll feel like you've escaped the city entirely as the valley vegetation comes to life. Later in the season, head toward Redway Rd. and the various ridge trails. The trailhead is located at 1115 Bayview Avenue across from Nesbitt Dr.

Moore Park Ravine - 3 kilometres

This is an easy and wide mixed-use trail that follows Mud Creek from North Rosedale to the Don Valley. As the leaves fill in on the trees, a natural canopy envelops the path, which makes the it feel far more secluded than it really is.

Heading southeast from the trailhead at Moore Ave., it's slightly downhill almost all the way to the Brick Works, where you can explore the old quarry.

High Park - West Ravine - 6 kilometres

There are short trails and hiking opportunities all over High Park, but it's the ravine on the west side of the park that's the most rewarding.

Here you can get away from the sports fields and playgrounds in favour of wooded paths that lead down to Grenadier Pond. If you're feeling energetic, you can continue south to explore Sunnyside. Enter the ravine off of West Rd. just south of the playground.

Bluffer's Park - 5 kilometres

The trails that line the top of the Bluffs should be avoided in early spring as they are actually quite dangerous, but the lower trails that head east from Bluffer's Park are wonderful at this time of year.

Early in the season, the Bluff's look incredibly stark, but as vegetation returns, the area fills with natural activity that's invigorating to witness. Start at the foot of Brimley Rd.

Wilket Creek Park to Edwards Gardens - 6.4 kilometres

This is a majestic spring hike (or walk) in the ravine that travels alongside Leslie St. north of Eglinton.

The trail itself is quite scenic with a number of bridges that cross the various tributaries of the Don, but Edwards Gardens is the real jewel here, especially at the end of April and into May when the places erupts with flowers and other plant life.

by Staff via blogTO

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