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Friday, April 24, 2020

Toronto is obsessed with a family of foxes living under the Beaches boardwalk

With Toronto's human population now staying inside at home for virtually all hours of the day, tons of local wildlife has been spotted taking advantage of the city's unusually quiet streets.

Foxes in particular have become a common sighting in recent days, with residents excitedly sharing photos and videos of the usually elusive creatures out and about in parts of the downtown core during broad daylight.

There is one specific group of foxes in Toronto that is causing quite a fuss these days, and for obvious reasons: a mother and her four adorable, boisterous kits.

The little family has chosen a section of the boardwalk at Woodbine Beach, of all places, to make their home, and passersby who have been lucky enough to see them out of their den have been stopping to document the cuteness overload.

One widely-shared video shows the pups playing together on the surrounding rocks, completely oblivious to the surrounding humans while their mom keeps a watchful eye out.

The rambunctious babies are still quite tiny and fluffy, with all of the classic red fox markings and colourings, and tons of energy.

There's no doubt that anyone with a heart would have a hard time walking by without stopping to watch the lovable bunch and take a photo or two.

The skulk has garnered so much attention that the City of Toronto has actually asked the public to keep on walking if they happen to see the foxes, as it may make it difficult to properly socially distance if a number of people stop to watch.

Anyone in the area with a dog was also asked to ensure their pet is on a leash.

As of Thursday, staff are erecting barriers around the den, as well as signage, "both about leaving wildlife alone and physical distancing," the City told Beach Metro News.

Though some experts believe that there may not necessarily be more wildlife out in the city, but that we're just noticing it more now because we're bored and paying attention, a full fox family hanging around a place as notoriously busy as Woodbine Beach is certainly an unusual development.

by Becky Robertson via blogTO

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