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Monday, April 27, 2020

Toronto's secret supperclub is now doing home delivery

Members of secret supper clubs in Toronto are likely pining for all the great dinner parties they're missing right now, but they should be delighted to hear the chef who created one of the city's most popular underground clubs is now delivering his offerings.

Luke Hayes, the chef behind L.U.S.T. (Luke's Underground Supper Table) has started up a L.U.S.T. @ Home program delivering three-course meals.

"Our supper club L.U.S.T was created 6 years ago to be a face-to-face meeting of people over the dinner table to create connection and community," says Hayes. "Seeing as those times are no longer here, like everyone we have to try to adapt."

Deliveries are $45 per person and happen on Saturdays. You can also buy gift certificates for $25 - $200.

The current menu is themed Comfort Food Dreams, and consists of a mac pie with salsa verde, green curry with eggplant and chicken, and brownies with Vietnamese coffee pudding.  A classic L.U.S.T. playlist should also be included. Everything arrives cold for you to heat and serve, but instructions are included and it should only take minutes.

"Collectively, so many people are sharing food online, whether it's the bread-baking that's taken over social media, people sharing family faves, or how they've been cooking what's in their pantries," says Hayes.

"I started doing that too, sharing my quarantine kitchen recipes on social media. I've done more than 30 recipes now, and I was blown away by the response, people have been making my recipes every day. There really is a community around food, and that's what inspired me."

Orders can be placed from Sunday through Tuesday through the L.U.S.T. @ Home site, but deliveries are restricted to Saturdays and they don't do cancellations or refunds, so take care when clicking "add to cart."

"Building the infrastructure has taken weeks," says Hayes, and "developing a brand new delivery-friendly website" has also been time-consuming.

"Sourcing all of the takeout containers, boxes, the materials needed, and all of the ingredients has taken time, as so many companies are operating at reduced capacity because of COVID-19," says Hayes.

For now L.U.S.T. delivers from Jane to Finch, Victoria Park to the waterfront, but that zone may be expanded and pickup options might be added.

"We launched yesterday at noon, and I didn't know what to expect at all," says Hayes. "These are such uncertain, strange times. Demand has been great so far, and the reaction from returning fans, and so many new ones, has been encouraging."

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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