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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Best Banh Mi in Toronto

The best banh mi in Toronto are the freshest Vietnamese subs around. Baguettes with pâté, cold cuts and pickles are the traditional product of French colonial influence on Vietnam, but with banh mi having seen a recent renaissance of sorts, there's no limit as to what cross-cultural ingredients you can get them filled with these days.

Here are the best banh mi in Toronto. 

9 - Banh Mi Metro

The sister shop of the restaurant Pho Metro, owners of this Scarborough destination have capitalized off the success of their popular pho endeavour to bring a banh mi store to Lawrence East. Banh mis here are the traditional kind, with protein like pork belly or grilled beef.
11 - Banh Mi Que Huong

This old school banh mi shop by the Finch and Weston burbs does delicious Vietnamese subs a dozen different ways, generally priced at $3 or less. Their menu is kind of hardcore (there's no English translations, and the font is interesting) but you can always ask the nice person at the counter to assist you.
3 - Banh Mi Boys

The first chain to really put modernized banh mis on the map, Banh Mi Boys' menu eschews cold cuts completely and instead includes all types of Korean- and Chinese-style meats. You can get banh mis with five spice pork belly or duck confit at either of their locations: Queen and Spadina or by <a href=" and Dundas</a>.
4 - Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

This family-run Chinatown institution has been serving Vietnamese sandwiches since the 80s, before banh mi became a mainstream thing. They've got six locations across the GTA but the one on Spadina is definitely the most well-known. Made-to-order sandwiches come with with ingredients like assorted cold cuts or lemongrass sausage,and super cheap: $1.75 for small.
5 - Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches

Located in East Chinatown, this cheerful little sub shop has all your usual banh mi options like lemongrass meat balls and chunky pieces of tofu. Rose's is a Gerrard East classic, but just make sure to bring some coins with you so you can pay for your soft and fresh banh mis in cash.
6 - Rustle & Still

For a new generation of Vietnamese food lovers comes this Koreatown cafe. Definitely a far cry from your Spadina sub spots, Rustle & Still serves up banh mi made with local bread, delicious homemade pâté and mayo, and house-roasted ham. Of course it's more expensive than the older shops, ranging upward of $7, but they have vegan options too.
7 - Baguette & Co.

If you love banh mis but aren't a fan of the processed meat, head to this Junction sandwich shop, which deals solely in Ontario-sourced meat. They don't use cold cuts, instead char-grilling protein like chicken or beef to go with your bun for an overall affordable sandwich that'll cost you under $3.
8 - Banh Mi Ba Le

Fresh buns and a good number of options (the tofu one is really good) make this little spot in Chinatown an easy go-to. Banh mis usually run just over $3, which is just a tad more expensive than your usual hole-in-the-wall sandwich. Bu, based on the fact they're considered one of the best Vietnamese sandwich options in the Chinatown area, the extra dollar might just be worth it.
10 - Snack Shack

This Etobicoke snack bar has an eclectic menu of bites from across the globe, including big juicy burgers—their most popular item—tacos, and banh mi. They serve Vietnamese subs on a warm sesame bun with lots of cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots, and your choice of either chicken or steak.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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