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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Toronto

The best grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto are far from Wonderbread and Kraft Singles dorm room creations. Multiple kinds of ooey-gooey cheese are melted between high quality bread and set off by other classic fillings like tomato, onion, apple and ketchup. Despite their epic qualities, these sammies are often the cheapest thing on the menu.

Here are the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto.

9 - Rebel House

The French loaf is grilled in shallot butter for the grilled cheese made with two kinds of aged cheddar at this pub near Rosedale station. Add peameal bacon and/or sliced tomato for an upcharge.
1 - Maha's Restaurant

The date grilled cheese at this brunch spot has dates sautéed in butter, Swiss, Gouda and havarti all on egg bread drizzled with honey and pressed until toasty.
6 - Completo

There are two options for super cheap grilled cheese at this Leslieville Latin American spot, the “basic” with aged cheddar, mozzarella, house hot sauce and roasted red pepper sauce, or the “loaded,” which adds on diced tomato, smashed avocado and refried beans.
7 - Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder

True to their smokehouse name, this St. Clair West institution uses smoked cheddar in their grilled cheese, pairing it with green apple and caramelized onion on thyme-scented sourdough.
8 - Mildred's Temple Kitchen

The grilled cheese sandwich at this Liberty Village brunch hotspot is called “Little Kay’s Favourite,” and it’ll be your favourite too with aged cheddar, mozzarella and apple tomato relish on toasted sourdough.
2 - Aunties and Uncles

All grilled cheeses come on fluffy challah at this Little Italy cafe, where there are options for a grilled Brie with walnut chutney and pear, a croque monsieur with Black Forest ham, Swiss and Dijon, or their classic Canadian cheddar with house ketchup, tomato and options to add peameal or strip bacon.
3 - Hogtown Smoke

The grilled cheese at this Beaches BBQ joint is “Jack’d Up” by infusing the pulled pork inside with Jack Daniels, accompanying it with beer braised onions, red pepper, white and orange cheddar and Monterey Jack.
4 - Stuff'D Grilled Cheese

A shipping container stall at Market 707 not only makes grilled cheese, they make over half a dozen different kinds, and offer loaded tater tots in just as many varieties. Grilled cheeses get stuffed, as the name implies, with jerk chicken, paneer, or beef steak and there’s even a vegan cheese option on gluten-free bread.
5 - TuckShop Kitchen

The grilled cheese at this cute grab-and-go spot in the Junction Triangle meant to look like your summer camp’s tuck shop has Swiss, gruyere, cheddar, sun-dried tomato chutney and roasted red peppers. They also have grilled cheese specials like pulled braised turkey.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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