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Sunday, May 26, 2019

The top 10 patios in Kensington Market

Kensington Market patios are perfect if you're looking for a laid-back retreat in one of the most unique neighbourhoods. There are a variety of low-key, casual spaces to choose from, ranging from sidewalk spots perfect for people-watching to more secluded backyard haunts.

Here are my picks for the top patios in Kensington Market.

Ronnie's Local

It can be tough to snag a seat on this neighbourhood old-faithful. The sun-drenched front patio is the ideal place get your daily dose of vitamin D as there are few umbrellas and very little shade.

Kensington Market Patio

Sip cocktails in the sunshine on the El Rey Mezcal Bar patio. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

El Rey Mezcal Bar

Snack on plates of ceviche verde and epic cocktails at this mezcal bar in Kensington Market. If you’re looking for a place a touch classier than other options in the area, this should be your go-to.

Kensington Market Patio

Snag a seat at picnic table at the Trinity Common patio. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Trinity Common

This front patio is a perfect destination for people-watching. The picnic table seating matches the casual vibe of the 'hood and is an all-around great choice if you want to sip some craft beer and chow down on smokehouse grub.

Kensington Market Patio

When there's no party going on the Cold Tea patio is a low-key hangout spot. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Cold Tea

The patio here is Kensington Market's worst-kept secret. It boasts long communal tables, making it ideal if you've got a big group of friends. They often throw patio parties during the summer with DJs and food provided by a local restaurant. 

Kensington Market Patio

Great eats and brews are to be had on the Otto's Berlin Doner patio. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Otto's Berlin Doner

Sip brews while munching on German street food on this cozy sundrenched front patio. However, be prepared to wait for a prime spot as there's just enough room for a handful of drinkers and diners.

Kensington Market Patio

The Supermarket patio is perfect for people watching. Photo by Jesse Milns.


A good bet in the evenings, this patio may be on the small side but when there's live music inside, you can still hear the bands playing on the stage, as the large front windows next to the patio are usually open.

Kensington Market Patio

Patios don't get much cozier than Embassy's. Photo by Jesse Milns.


The sidewalk patio is quite small here, meaning it can be tough to snag a seat, though a little wait rewards the patient with cold beer and a great vibe.

Kensington Market Patio

Make your way to the back to find the Poetry Jazz Cafe patio. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Poetry Jazz Cafe

When night falls, this spot may be your best bet. Head to the back for one of the more refined patios in the area and a good spot to savour a cocktail while listening to the live music coming from within.

Kensington Marker Patio

The former Templeton's patio now belongs to Beer2Beer. Photo by Jesse Milns.


This patio is a good option if you're craving pub grub but still want to soak up the sun. Grab a burger and a sangria and watch the market action from the north end of Augusta.

Kensington Market Patio

Soak up the sun on the Amadeu's patio. Photo by Jesse Milns.


The patio at this Augusta Ave. spot has remained largely unchanged over the years, and if you ask its loyal patrons, that's certainly a good thing. It's the perfect destination if you're craving Portuguese.

by Staff via blogTO

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