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Saturday, April 28, 2018

What to know about the College and Spadina computer stores

Computer stores have dotted the blocks near College and Spadina long before the invention of tablets and smart phones. This small stretch of 600 metres is still home to a handful of repair shops, mostly independent, with competitive prices if you know where to look.

Across the street from the electronic chain Tech Source on the northwest corner, one of the newer additions and most official on the stretch is Jump Plus. Located on the northeast corner just past the Rexall, it’s the only Apple Premium Reseller in Canada.

college and spadina computers toronto

The inside of Jump Plus is modelled after the official Apple store. Photo by Tanya Mok.

What that means is that this store is one tier above being Apple certified. Visiting this store for any repair is basically like making an appointment at a Genius Bar; the interior – planned out by Apple designers – is basically a carbon copy of the original stores.

Since the Eaton Centre’s Apple store is usually packed for days, Jump Plus remains a decent option for everything from screen repair to issues covered by your original warranty. Just make sure to book your service appointment in advance as they usually don't accommodate walk-ins.

college and spadina computers toronto

The signage outside Modcom Computers is typical for the stores that dot this stretch of College St. Photo by Tanya Mok.

A few stores down is Modcom, an independent computer store that’s been in the area for around 14 years. They specialize in Mac repairs, especially catering to the students from U of T for common mishaps like water damage.

college and spadina computers toronto

The no frills interior of Modcom Computers. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Of course service costs depend on the extent of wreckage but generally prices start upwards from $100. They also sell refurbished laptops as low as $110 and have a handy student discount.

college and spadina computers toronto

CJ Laptop Service  Centre does repairs for MAC and PCs. Photo by Tanya Mok.

A few shops down is CJ Laptop Service Centre, a 13-year old store that offers used Dell computers and Apple parts. The business started off with a Markham location called C Jay Computers before opening up its second spot on Spadina.

You can get everything from keyboards, AC adaptors and a Macbook Pro battery for $65, six month exchange warranty included.

college and spadina computers toronto

Canada Computers doesn't like sunlight, preferring to cover its windows with ads promoting what's within. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Cross over to the north side of the street and you’ll see the hard-to-miss Canada Computers store. This tech megabrand has two locations on this street alone: they’re basically the godfathers of this IT stretch.

college and spadina computers toronto

Inside Canada Computers. Photo by Tanya Mok.

This location closer to Spadina caters to everything computer related while its second store a little further west concentrates more on home entertainment systems. You can find prices of their stock online and save yourself some work prior to your visit.

Staff at Canada Computers are super knowledgeable (is there such a thing as too knowledgeable?) and they offer everything from computer fixes to electronics and circuits parts for the home builder, with prices and weekly deals that definitely rival Best Buy and Amazon.

college and spadina computers toronto

Hi Tech Direct specialized in data recovery and iPhone repair. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Head a tiny bit west past Fresca Pizza and you’ll hit Hi Tech Direct, which has been around for seven years and offer repairs on any Apple products, cell phones, and data recovery or backup.

college and spadina computers toronto

A list of services and prices offered by Hi Tech Direct. Photo by Tanya  Mok.

The store is incredibly sparse but don't let that fool you: prices here are pretty reasonable and they also do cell phone unlocking while selling basics like hard drives and chargers. 

college and spadina computers toronto

The inside of iTech Mobile is one of the nicer ones on College St. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Further on the same side of the street iTech Mobile, which only specializes in phone repairs. They've got a huge selection of phone cases for all types of models, averaging around $19, and extra little gadgets and dangly things to make your phone more fun. 

college and spadina computers toronto

IX Tech is one of the newer stores on College St. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Next to Hopper Coffee and the patio of Free Times Cafe is another new addition, 6ix Tech. The technicians offer all types of services here, from cracked LCD phone screens to computer parts replacements and water damaged tablets. 

college and spadina computers toronto

A retro Street Fighter 2 arcade machine sits inside 6ix Tech on College St. Photo by Tanya Mok.

They've also got a charging station in the store and a soon-to-be-working arcade machine that will have tons of games to pass the hour while technicians take a look at your device. 

college and spadina computers toronto

Creatron Inc. specializes in all sorts of computer parts. Photo by Tanya Mok.

And across the street, Creatron Inc.'s only location outside of Scarborough provides all the parts needed to complete your arduino board. Instead of heading to Ebay, hobbyists can buy LEDs and Rasberry Pis without having to wait for long ship times.

Despite the competitive prices, many of these stores at College and Spadina have a symbiotic relationship: you'll sometimes see technicians running to their neighbours for parts they don't have.

If you can't find a fix for your tech-related problem on this stretch, you likely won't find it anywhere else. 

college and spadina computers toronto

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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