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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Best Hakka Restaurants in Toronto

The best Hakka restaurants in Toronto are serving up all the favourites of this spicy Chinese cuisine. Hakka dishes vary worldwide, but in our city, the hungry flock to these casual eateries for a South Asian-influenced menu that includes pakoras, chilli chicken and other garam masala-doused Chinese eats. 

Here are the best Hakka restaurants in Toronto.

7 - Lotus Garden

This Danforth East restaurant may be modest, but don’t underestimate their plates of crispy beef. Big portions and good prices never fail to disappoint, and though ownership has changed recently, the place is still consistently busy on most days.
6 - Danforth Dragon

Manchurian chicken and shrimp balls don’t get much better than at this cozy spot by Donlands station. If you’re not afraid of spice, I highly recommend you ask for their housemade chilli sauce.
3 - Federick Restaurant

This restaurant has been around for more than two decades, where people from far and wide come to get their Hakka fix at their Markham and Ellesmere Road locations. The Federick’s Delicious Garlic Shrimp is always popular, but don’t miss out on the veggie pakoras.
11 - China Cottage

Slightly fancier than the rest is this restaurant on Ellesmere Road, where dishes look slightly sophisticated than the sauce-doused version elsewhere. Their menu is mind blowingly extensive, so when all else fails, grab a spicy chilli chicken and prepare for satisfaction.
4 - Hakka Legend

Four restaurants around the city means a handful of spacious locations to grab something over a menu of over 100 dishes like Sizzling Bollywood Chicken or Bombay beef. Lunch specials galore makes this chain perfect for daytime takeout too.
10 - Chung Moi

Tucked inside an old-school strip plaza on Eglinton East is this cheerful and low-key spot that’s been serving up masala fried rice and Chung Moi fried chicken for decades. Their hot and sour soup should not be overlooked.
5 - Yueh Tung

Head upstairs to this old Chinatown favourite that’s been operating since 1976. Helmed by sisters Jeanette and Joanna Liu, this place is named after the famous Hakka fishing village in Southern China, serving up thier famous chilli chicken and salted fish fried rice.
8 - Spicy Dragon

You’ll get one of the best value lunch specials around (you can’t beat $6.50 for a big servings of Hakka chow mein or Manchurian beef to go) at both Scarborough and Pickering locations of this Hakka fave.
9 - Lin Garden

Shoehorned into a Scarborough strip mall, this long-standing Hakka favourite serves up delicious lunch specials and many signature dishes like the Crispy Beef Kam Bien and some excellent Manchurian fish.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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