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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Best Pho in Toronto

The best pho in Toronto is the perfect bowl of soul-warming noodle soup. Don't be deceived by its simple appearance: complex flavours, especially in the broth, make up this satisfying Vietnamese dish. Drown a dollop of hoisin sauce and a whole plate of bean sprouts in your bowl (or don't) for a one-way trip to Flavour Town. 

Here are the best pho spots in Toronto.

7 - Hanoi 3 Seasons

North Vietnamese food is the specialty of this restaurant with locations in East Chinatown and Leslieville. Sip on some soup that's packed with flavour in an elegant eatery with traditional Vietnamese decor.
4 - Pho Metro

This family-run spot in Wexford has been luring people to the plaza at the corner of Lawrence and Warden for years. It's only getting more popular by the year, thanks to its generous portions and fragrant broth.
11 - Banh Cuon Pho Ga

This St. Clair West spot has hundreds of items on its menu, but pho is of course the go-to on cold winter days. Naturally, their banh cuon (rice noodles) is the most popular order. Combine that with their chicken broth pho and you have the ultimate meal.
5 - Golden Turtle

Rua Vang, or as its known by its English name, Golden Turtle, is allegedly the oldest pho restaurant in the city. It never gets as busy as its Ossington rival Pho Tien Thanhm, but that doesn't mean its noodle soups aren't excellent.
8 - Pho Hung

Brusque service and an awesome view of Chinatown has made this Spadina noodle house a favourite since it opened in 1985. Look for the laughing cow sign and snag a window seat to gorge on big bowls of pho.
10 - Vit Beo

Definitely the most modern eatery on the list, this Bloorcourt shop opens late and usually has a pretty good soundtrack going for pho consumption. It's a tight squeeze, but off-peak hours make this unpretentious place appealing for beef or veggie pho.
3 - Pho Tien Thanh

It's cash only at this Ossington staple with the cotton candy-coloured motif. One of two major pho players on the strip, the decades-old debate over whose bowl is better continues, but for now it appears the people have spoken.
9 - Pho Huong

Find this modest restaurant in the Junction, where regulars flock for more than 17 choices of no-nonsense bowls of Vietnamese noodles, and maybe some bo la lot. Prices are pretty good, there are a number of vegetarian options, plus service here is quick.
6 - Pho Linh

Great prices that have gone up only slightly over the years have warranted the deserved devotion of regulars at this College and Dufferin staple. You'll likely encounter a lineup on weekends here, but turnover is quick.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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