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Friday, December 27, 2019

This is what Boxing Day mayhem looked like in Toronto this year

Boxing Day may be losing some of its appeal among deal-seekers to Black Friday, but Toronto is not yet at the point where one can comfortably browse for goods on December 26 pretty much anywhere.

Thousands of savvy shoppers flocked to GTA malls on Boxing Day this year, putting their gift cards and credits cards alike to good use at clothing, sports, electronics, beauty supply and other stores.

We start our journey this year at Vaughan Mills, where people waited in line for hours to access the Nike outlet store.

Some outlets within the sprawling Vaughan, Ontario, mall had employees standing on tables to watch over frenzied shoppers as they scoured through boxes of deeply-discounted stock.

It was, in a word used by several shoppers on Instagram, "insanity."

As per usual, downtown Toronto's CF Eaton Centre was rife with consumer madness after a quiet Christmas Day on December 26.

An alarm went off at one point, but did little to scare shoppers away from the lineup outside the new Apple Store.

The crowds were somewhat manageable, but still a lot thicker than what one could normally expect at the Eaton Centre.

The streets outside were similarly rammed...

But guests could take comfort in the huge red tree that still stands, shining bright and proud, in the middle of the popular mall.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre, which is considered to be the most-profitable mall in Canada, attracted its fair share of shoppers, too.

Lineups were plentiful...

But parking was scarce — as has come to be expected on such occasions.

The Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills were also bad for drivers, and even worse than Yorkdale in terms of lineups, it seems.

Once again, the Nike store proved popular.

Those who managed to hit multiple shops came away with great hauls, though.

Over at Square One in Mississauga, shoppers moved around slowly as one gigantic, sale-hungry mob.

It wasn't a relaxing day for shoppers, by any means, but only the boldest ever endeavour to do Boxing Day in the first place.

"SMH shopping at Yorkdale today is an extreme sport, real talk," tweeted one Torontonian on Twitter of their Boxing Day experience.

"Boxing Day, Toronto style," wrote another. "The more expensive the store, the longer the lineup."

All's well that ends well, of course.

Save for this guy who screamed "FHRITP" as a woman showed off her Boxing Day scores to CityNews, Toronto managed to come out unscathed from another Boxing Day marathon.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

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