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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Toronto

The best hot pot in Toronto is the ultimate cure for a cold Canadian day. There's been a huge influx of these DIY Chinese soup chains over the past few years, and these days you can get your ingredients in a variety of ways, including on skewers, or served by robots. Prepare to get your soup fix and your sweat on at the same time.

Here are the best hot pot spots in Toronto.

3 - ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot

Try three different types of broth simultaneously at this AYCE chain with locations on Highway 7 and in Scarborough, including their spicy broth, which kicks it up a notch in true Chongqing style. Their cooling desserts are a great way to end off a steamy meal.
5 - GoGo Chicken Pot

Chicken hot pot has been around in Hong Kong for years, but the trend only arrived in Toronto in 2018. Head to Richmond Hill to get an entire chicken, marinating in sauces, which you’ll feast on before using the chicken broth to cook other ingredients with.
7 - Coconut Seasons

People come to this place on Silver Star Boulevard for one thing: its special broth, made with coconut meat and water from three whole coconuts. That, and a portion of Wenchang chicken, add a whole new dimension of flavour to this unique hot pot.
8 - Kungfu Hotpot Skewer

Come for the skewered eats but stay for the pretty decor at this restaurant on Woodbine Avenue. This Chengdu-based brand lets you grab your sticks straight from the fridge before cooking them in a variety of soup bases. They do boba and herbal teas, too.
11 - Chongqing Laojiumen

It may be gimmicky, but a bowl of hot pot from this Steeles restaurant includes edible cartoon characters made out of beef fat, and it’s pretty cute. Watch them melt away into your broth, adding extra richness to your meal, for a slightly heartbreaking but delicious experience.
9 - Xiaobiandan

Another skewer hot pot spot from Chengdu, Xiaobiandan serve all of its beef, seafood, and veggies on sticks, so you never have to worry about fishing your cooked stuff from the bottom of the pot.
6 - XiangZi Hot Pot

Behold this gargantuan eatery in Markham, where soaring ceilings and opulent marble tables hold the ingredients for an epic, albeit pricier, all-you-can-eat meal. They also have the option of some decadent add-ons like lobster if you’re feeling fancy.
4 - Chine Hot Pot

This chilled out Chinatown restaurant serves up juicy New Zealand lamb and fatty cuts of five-spice beef, AYCE style. Their soups that range from mouth-numbing to a mild Creamy Corn & Taro Broth.
10 - MacaoDoulao

If you’ve never had a robot serve you before, prepare for the best experience of your life. This swanky restaurant in Richmond Hill has adorable robots (smiley faces included) that deliver your dishes straight to your table. They even play music while zooming around.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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