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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Best Karaoke Bars in Toronto

The best karaoke bars in Toronto have all the right vibes to let you sing your heart out. Alcohol always helps to warm up those vocal chords, which is why these places also provide you and your friends with beer and liquor to help you unleash your inner Mariah Carey. 

Here are the best karaoke bars in Toronto.

4 - Echo Karaoke

Coin activated booths make this Koreatown bar a great place to step up your karaoke game. Work on your singing chops with a room that’s just big enough for two people or have a solo practice sesh.
10 - Yonge Karaoke

A major competitor of the incumbent Koreatown North karaoke champ, Twister, this spot has a more updated list of songs for K-Pop lovers looking to sing the latest hits.
5 - Twister Karaoke

A long-time favourite at Yonge and Finch, this is a staple spot in Koreatown that features all the standard accoutrements of classic karaoke bars like songs, snacks, and drinks.
11 - 8090 KTV

Throw a birthday party at this fancy-looking Chinatown bar. Head here for a big selection of Canto and Mandarin classics plus tunes in Japanese and Korean.
6 - Beaver Cafe

This West Queen West bar doesn’t have private rooms, but it does host a cover-free karaoke party every Sunday at 10 p.m. You won’t find any Korean classics here – the song list at Beaver is pure North American pop and rock classics.
9 - B-Boss Karaoke

If you can find your way up to this second-floor karaoke in Chinatown, you won’t regret it. With fairly clean furniture and sleek lighting, B-Boss is an upgrade from most karaoke spots.
3 - Bar + Karaoke

This bar is the only karaoke spot you’ll find by Yonge and Dundas. It’s a popular getaway for groups hanging out by YDS who don’t want to travel to either Koreatowns to throw back a few beers and sing some tunes.
7 - Dolphin Karaoke

A pretty standard bar, this Koreatown North spot is just steps away from Finch subway station and has decently sized rooms equipped with tambourines and affordable prices for groups.
8 - Freezone Karaoke

Giving us a place to belt out songs since 1994, Freezone is a fairly small space in Koreatown with just eight rooms, but you’re bound to have big fun in one of their retro-chic spaces.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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