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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Best Wonton Soup in Toronto

The best wonton soup in Toronto are delicious bowls of swishy shrimp balls served with noodles in hot broth. These traditional Cantonese dumplings filled with ground pork, shrimp, or both, come in all sizes but always make for a satisfying meal.

Here are the best spots for wonton soup in Toronto. 

4 - King's Noodle House

The best part about these Chinatown noodles is that they come with a variety of options on top of your regular wonton shrimp dumplings. Order with duck meat and BBQ pork to really spruce up this simple dish.
11 - Keung's Delight

It gets packed at this Markham restaurant on Warden. A ridiculously popular weekend hang for families, this spot whips out wonton soups like hot cakes for satisfyingly low prices.
8 - Swatow

The noodles at this Chinatown spot are actually some of the best. Accompanying the shrimp wontons in broth, these noodles have a great texture that’s not too soft, not too chewy.
9 - House of Gourmet

If you’re craving some late night wonton soup, head to this Chinatown spot that’s open late daily. They’re also a great place to hit up during the afternoon: grab their wonton soup with the lunch special for cheap and with a Hong Kong tea.
10 - Gold Stone Noodle

You can’t go wrong with the wonton soup at this longtime Chinatown spot just south of Dundas. Wontons here are a mix of pork and shrimp, and served with more than the average bowl.
7 - Asian Legend

This Chinese chain isn’t necessarily known for their wontons, but they make them surprisingly well here. Visit one of the few locations they have around the city and try out their noodles for yourself.
3 - Jim Chai Kee Noodles

This spot on West Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill is all about efficiency, delivering meals that are cheap and quick, despite being busy all the time. With an equally good spot by McNicoll and Midland, order their signature wonton bowl, eat, and be on your way in all of 30 minutes.
6 - Wonton Hut

An itty bitty spot in Markham Town Square, the wonton soups here are definitely not the cheapest, averaging around $7 instead of the usual $6 median, but the restaurant itself is just one of those Markham staples you need to visit at least once.
5 - Wonton Chai

Shrimp dumplings are comparatively large at this restaurant close to Scarborough Town Centre. Get your wontons with egg noodles or opt for thicker ho fun rice noodles or thin vermicelli to switch things up.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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