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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Frozen commuters are raging out over transit delays in Toronto

It's a slightly early Groundhog Day (in the Bill Murray sense of the term) as extreme winter weather continues to make life miserable for Toronto commuters.

Various public transit providers throughout the GTA are warning of major delays this morning, again, for what feels like the trillionth day in a row.

Frozen vehicles, snow-covered tracks, icy roadways—you know the drill: leave plenty of extra time to get where you're going. Also, bundle up, because you never know how long you might be waiting in the cold for your chariot to arrive.

Subway service, which has been suspended on the TTC's Line 3 since Monday due to snow build-up, remains infuriating.

Shuttle buses are running in Scarborough, though apparently not very well.

GO Transit passengers are livid across the board as many trains experience delays of more than an hour.

And once they arrive, good luck getting on.

Those lucky commuters who've managed to score a spot onboard the trains are reporting significant slowdowns and unintended stoppages along the way.

Not fun when you're jammed into a rolling porta-potty with five strangers.

Many of the stuck trains are getting too cold for comfort.

TTC buses and streetcars are straight up passing people by, but only because they literally have no more room to squeeze anyone on (though, it should be noted, this isn't exclusively a cold weather problem).

And let's not forget about our ol' friend the "signal problem," which appears to be slowing down subway service — again — all the way from Union to Finch.

People are really starting to lose their cool at this point.

Fortunately, relief is in sight—at least from extreme cold weather alerts.

Temperatures are expected to swing upwards by as much as 25 degrees by Sunday, which should put an end to our worries about frostbite while waiting for the bus.

As for the downtown relief line that'll actually alleviate all of this overcrowding, try to be patient... for another 10 years.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

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