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Monday, January 28, 2019

The top 10 soup dumplings in Toronto

Soup dumplings in Toronto can be found in restaurants rolling out and folding up these addictively soupy pockets. While eating traditional Chinese xiaolongbao takes some skill, a little mess is bound to happen when devouring dumplings as fragile as these.

Here are my picks for the top soup dumplings in Toronto.

Juicy Dumpling

This quick takeout spot in Dragon City Mall is the newest dumpling house on the list, and they’ve exploded in popularity (kind of like how their dumplings explode in your mouth). Expect to be wiping the windows after ordering a crazy cheap order of six soup dumplings for $2.99.

Ding Tai Fung

No list of top xiaolongbaos would be complete without having the OG of dumplings on it. Ding Tai Fung takes the name of the famous Taiwanese chain that started it all. Order baskets of these perfect dumplings with pork, crab, or scallops at their locations at First Markham Place or Agincourt.

Northern Dumpling Kitchen

This bustling little restaurant in Time Square Plaza rolls up some delicious soup dumplings—just peep the chefs at work through the window in the front. Orders aren’t expensive either, and you’ll get a taste of real Chinese xiaolongbaos

Yu Garden

The giant soup steamed buns at this Richmond Hill restaurant may seem like the star of the show, but they really play second fiddle to the plethora of smaller, multi-colour soup dumplings filled with broth and marinated meats. They even have dumplings with truffle oil and mushrooms.

Asian Legend

This classic Chinese banquet restaurant has multiple locations around the city, including one in Chinatown, on Steeles, and in Richmond Hill. It seems they do everything pretty well, from dim sum to Peking duck to pork soup dumplings served piping hot.

Lee Chen Asian Bistro

Head to either location in the Entertainment District or at Yonge and Bloor for their signature soup dumplings, which have a pretty explosive quality. It’s suggested to eat these little guys in one bite.

Yummy Yummy Dumplings

If you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably miss this understated restaurant in Chinatown. Catch yourself going down their stairs however, and you’ll be treated to neatly folded pork soup dumplings.

Shanghai Dim Sum

There’s a few types of xiaolongbaos available at this restaurant with locations in Richmond Hill and Agincourt. Their soup dumplings come wrapped in skin that’s especially smooth, especially if you order from the ‘Silk Skin XLB Series’ section on the menu.

Chinese Traditional Buns

Yet another hidden jewel in Chinatown, this downstairs hole-in-the-wall serves up hefty soup dumplings that are thicker than the usual flimsy-skinned ones. Either way, they’re absolutely delicious, and the thick, doughy skin allows for way less of a mess.

Dumpling King

This Midland classic brings the flavour with its soup dumplings, which come with all types of fillings, from shrimp to veggies. As the name suggests, they’re well-seasoned in the dumpling industry.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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