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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Someone turned the DeRozan trade into a Drake song

It’s been more than a week now since Toronto learned that DeMar DeRozan would be leaving the Raptors, and nobody's any less mad about the trade — DeRozan included.

Time heals all wounds, as they say, but laughter heals them faster, which is likely why a humorous Reddit post about the situation is being shared so widely right now.

Called "DeMarvin's Room," the post is essentially a reworking of the 2011 hit song "Marvin's Room" — the lead single from Drake's second album, Take Care.

The work first appeared on the r/NBA subreddit this past weekend, posted by a user named Marcheesio. It has since been deleted, but not before tens of thousands could enjoy the new lyrics (and thankfully get some screenshots.)

Unlike the original track, which centres on Drake drunk-dialing an ex-girlfriend, DeMarvin's Room is told from the perspective of Toronto's favourite NBA All-Star after finding out that he's been traded to the San Antonio Spurs for an equally-unhappy Kawhi Leonard.

"Cups of DeRozan, Lowry in my old phone, I should call him and go home, I been loyal way too long," the song starts.

"The Raptors that I would try, is happy with a good Kawhi, but I've been swishing so much, that I'mma call Masai and say..."

It only gets better from there, especially in the third, rapped verse when the lyrics start with "I think I'm addicted to thinking different about the playoff series that we almost had."

It's a sad song but it's also hilarious. I recommend reading the lyrics while listening to Marvin's Room for full impact — or the instrumental version, if you want to go all out and sing along. You'd better believe Drake (probably) did.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

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