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Saturday, September 28, 2019

The complete list of voting and electoral districts in Toronto

Toronto electoral districts are something you're going to need to know for the upcoming federal election on October 21.

Out of the 338 districts in Canada, 25 of those federal ridings are in Toronto. The easiest way to find yours is plugging your postal code in to Elections Canada's Voter Information Service website.

Here are all the federal electoral districts in Toronto, and all the candidates running in each. 

Central Toronto
Beaches-East York

Liberal - Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (incumbent)
Conservative - Nadirah Nazeer
NDP - Mae J. Nam
Green - Sean Manners
PPC- Deborah McKenzie


Liberal - Julie Dzerowicz (incumbent)
Conservative - Sanjay Bhatia
NDP - Andrew Cash
Green - Hanna Conover-Arthurs
PPC - Francesco Ciardullo
Other - Chai Kalevar, Elizabeth Rowley, Troy Young

Don Valley West

Liberal - Rob Oliphant (incumbent)
Conservative - Yvonne Robertson
NDP - Laurel MacDowell
Green - Amanda Kistindey
PPC - Ian Prittie
Other - John Kittredge, Timothy Villanueva


Liberal - Marco Mendicino (incumbent)
Conservative - Chani Aryeh-Bain
NDP - Alexandra Nash
Green - Reuben DeBoer
PPC - Michael Staffieri
Other - Selwyn Cainer

Parkdale-High Park

Liberal - Arif Virani (incumbent)
Conservative - Adam Pham
NDP - Paul Taylor
Green - Nick Capra
PPC - Greg Wycliffe
Other - Lorne Gershuny, Alykhan Pabani, Terry Parker 

Spadina—Fort York

Liberal - Adam Vaughan (incumbent)
Conservative - Frank Fang
NDP - Diana Yoon
Green - Dean Maher
PPC - Robert Stewart 
Other -Marcela Ramirez 

Toronto Centre

Liberal - Bill Morneau (incumbent)
Conservative - Ryan Lester
NDP - Brian Chang
Green - Annamie Paul
PPC - Jean-Simon P. Chenard
Other - Sean Carson, Bronwyn Cragg, Philip Fernandez, Rob Lewin


Liberal - Julie Dabrusin (incumbent)
Conservative - Zia Choudhary
NDP - Min Sook Lee
Green - Chris Tolley
PPC - Tara Dos Remedios
Other - Elizabeth Abbott, Ivan Byard, John Kladitis

Toronto—St. Paul's

Liberal - Carolyn Bennett (incumbent)
Conservative - Jae Truesdell
NDP - Alok Mukherjee
Green - Sarah Climenhaga
PPC - John Kellen
Other -Matthew Moore


Liberal - Chrystia Freeland (incumbent)
Conservative - Helen-Claire Tingling
NDP - Melissa Jean-Baptiste Vajda
Green - Tim Grant
PPC - Aran Lockwood
Other -Karin Brothers, Drew Garvie, Stew Rutschinski, Liz White

York South—Weston

Liberal - Ahmed Hussen (incumbent)
Conservative - Jasveen Rattan
NDP - Yafet Tewelde
Green - Nicki Ward 
PPC - Gerard H. Racine

Other Toronto
Don Valley East

Liberal - Yasmin Ratansi (incumbent)
Conservative - Michael Ma
NDP - Nicholas Thompson
Green - Dan Turcotte
PPC - John P. Hendry

Don Valley North

Liberal - Han Dong (incumbent)
Conservative - Sarah Fischer
NDP - Bruce Griffin
Green - Daniel Giavedoni
PPC - Jay Sobel

Etobicoke Centre

Liberal - Yvan Baker 
Conservative - Ted Opitz
NDP - Heather Vickers-Wong
Green - Cameron Semple
PPC - Nicholas Serdiuk
Other - Mark Wojo Wrzesniewski 
Incumbent - Borys Wrzesnewskyj


Liberal - James Maloney (incumbent)
Conservative - Barry O'Brien
NDP - Branko Gasperlin
Green - Chris Caldwell
PPC - Jude Sulejmani
Other - Andrew Meikle, Janice Murray

Etobicoke North

Liberal - Kirsty Duncan (incumbent)
Conservative - Sarabjit Kaur
NDP - Naiima Farah
Green - Nancy Ghuman
PPC - Renata Ford

Humber River—Black Creek

Liberal - Judy Sgro (incumbent)
Conservative - Iftikhar Choudry
NDP - Maria Augimeri
Green -Mike Schmitz
PPC - Ania Krosinska
Other - Christine Nugent, Stenneth Smith


Liberal - Jean Yip (incumbent)
Conservative - Sean Hu
NDP - Larisa Julius
Green - Randi Ramdeen
PPC - Anthony Internicola

Scarborough Centre

Liberal - Salma Zahid (incumbent)
Conservative - Irshad Chaudry
NDP - Faiz Kamal
Green - Dordana Hakimzadah
PPC - Jeremiah Vijeyaratnam
Other - John Cannis, Miso Gusic


Liberal - John McKay (incumbent)
Conservative - Quintus Thuraisingham
NDP - Michelle Spencer
Green - Tara McMahon
PPC - Jigna Jani
Other - Farhan Alvi, Kevin Clarke, Kathleen Marie Holding

Scarborough North

Liberal - Shaun Chen (incumbent)
Conservative - David Kong
NDP - Yan Chen
Green - Avery Velez
PPC - Jude Guerrier
Other - Marcus McInnis, Janet Robinson

Scarborough—Rouge Park

Liberal - Gary Anandasangaree (incumbent)
Conservative - Bobby Singh
NDP - Kingsley Kwok
Green - Jessica Hamilton
PPC - Dilano Sally

Scarborough Southwest

Liberal - Bill Blair (incumbent)
Conservative - Kimberly Fawcett Smith
NDP - Keith McCrady
Green - Amanda Cain
PPC - Italo Erastostene
Other - Simon Luisi


Liberal - Ali Ehsassi (incumbent)
Conservative - Daniel Lee
NDP - Leah Kalsi
Green - Sharolyn Vettese
PPC - Richard Hillier
Other - Birinder Sing Ahluwalia

York Centre

Liberal - Michael Levitt (incumbent)
Conservative - Rachel Wilson
NDP - Andrea Vasquez
Green - Rebecca Skye Wood
PPC - Philip Hornak

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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