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Saturday, September 28, 2019

This might be the prettiest small town to visit this fall in Ontario

If you’re looking to do some sightseeing out of the city this fall, this Ontario town might be a great choice.

Ontario is full of towns that call back to European architecture and culture, as they’ve done a great job of keeping the heritage in place after many years.

The perfect example is Goderich, nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Huron.

Goderich Beach, located on the shores of Lake Huron. Image by RichardBH.

Goderich has been called “the prettiest town in Canada,” and rightfully so. From the stunning beaches, to the historic buildings in perfect shape, it offers visitors an endless amount of beauty to see.

The Goderich Lighthouse is a popular site for visitors. Image by cmh2315fl.

Founded in 1827, the town predates Canadian Confederation. Its European history is visible across the area, highly visible in architectural style.

One of the many historic buildings in downtown Goderich. Image by jofo2005.

One of the town’s proudest icons is The Square, a traffic circle downtown that is home to the county courthouse. This traffic circle is actually an octagon that was built in the mid-19th century and continues to stand today. The Square is encircled by quaint shops, local restaurants, and an art gallery.

If you’re interested in seeing The Square, the courthouse, or any of the other historic buildings (and there are plenty!), there are self-guided tours available across town.

The Huron County Courthouse, located in The Square in Goderich. Image by cmh2315fl.

A charming day trip into the town wouldn’t be complete with a stop at one of the many restaurants Goderich has to offer. West Side Willy’s is a local favourite, and offers the “rockstar burger,” which has an interesting combination of cheese, peanut butter, and a deep-fried pickle for the adventurous.

After that, take a hike out to the Menesetung Bridge, which will give you a stunning view of the fall colours just outside of town. The former railway passage has been converted to a foot path to give visitors a breathtaking view.

A view of the Menesetung Bridge. Image by Margaret Bourne.

The historic Goderich Gaol (jail) is another option for those who love history. This National Historic Site is where the last public hanging in Canada took place, and offers visitors a look into the history of its prisoners and punishments. The Gaol only stays open until the end of October, so it might be worth a trip this weekend.

An aerial shot of the uniquely-shaped Gaol in Goderich. Image from

If you’re looking to get out of town this fall, don’t miss a chance to spend some time in a quiet recluse on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. You’ll be happy to see the stunning fall colours in a town known for its foliage and natural beauty.

by Staff via blogTO

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